Question First is a new consultancy offering innovative workshops and speaking engagements for diverse organisations, based on ten years of research expertise in the philosophy and psychology questions. The principles underlying the Question First model can be applied across the board, anywhere that questions are asked and answered!

Dr Watson has run taster sessions with the following clients:

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"This session opened discussion in a positive manner to all in the group in a safe environment... Asking better questions and discussing the question we want to ask took away any aggression or negativity out of the conversation."

"Amazing to have a completely unexpected outcome from discussion... Great to have something fundamentally important for the dept to consider going forward and for it to be a subject that can include everyone."

"I don’t think I fully appreciated the importance of forming an accurate question and how this has a further impact on the information I receive back. By considering my question[s] better hopefully this will reduce frustration. This has been a thoroughly interesting exercise."