Question First offers an innovative approach to training and consultancy which puts questions at the heart of problem-solving, decision-making, teamwork and information management.

Are you looking for an innovative solution to a current challenge or want to motivate your team to explore opposing ideas collaboratively and without conflict? Alternatively, you may be searching for the best way to gather information from employees, customers or clients. The Question First model is designed to work for any organisation, addressing diverse needs based on the premise that good questions are an essential and often undervalued component of success.

Dr Watson currently offers subsidised taster sessions for interested organisations, supported by the University of Edinburgh. See below for details. All sessions can be tailored to your needs. 


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  • An engaging introduction to the philosophy and psychology of questions

    1 hr

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  • Hands-on introduction to the Question First model; skills and strategy

    2 hr 30 min

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  • The Question First model; asking good questions and avoiding bad ones

    4 hr

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